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Salesforce Implementation Services

Are you thinking of transforming your business? Have you recently purchased Salesforce Sales or Salesforce Service Cloud? Do you know the Lightning features that power the new CRM?

Salesforce accelerates your workforce productivity and enhances customer collaboration and ultimately their satisfaction. Organisations need to experience it to realize how much the software handles and how much time frees you up to be able take on and convert more opportunities!

Girikon is a Salesforce Implementation Company with a team of experienced consultants and implementation leads which will take you through Salesforce journey step by step. Our mantra is to eliminate the complexities, remove bottlenecks, provide a cost-effective service and quickly minimise risks in implementing your CRM solution. Our team of Salesforce Implementation Consultants will ensure streamlined business processes, identification of Salesforce features that can be used and many more that almost instantaneously reflect positively of your ROI.

Salesforce Implementation Partner

Our Salesforce Implementation services include

Salesforce Implementation Cosnultants

Discovery and Project Envisioning

Girikonโ€™s certified onshore/offshore Salesforce Implementation Consultants will collaborate with you through the Discovery Stage of the Implementation then evaluate and assess your existing business processes, practices and technology systems. We understand that every business is different, Girikonโ€™s experienced Salesforce Consultants will recommend an implementation strategy which will be custom fit for your business.

Salesforce Implementation Services

Sales & Service Cloud Setup

Choose Girikon as a Salesforce Implementation Partner and we will accurately setup, configure and customize of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud to meet and support your business needs. Our experienced Salesforce Consultants will implement business process automation through custom designed email templates, custom workflows, security access setup and approval processes. Ask Girikon about how we can incorporate custom reports and dashboards to ensure your business get better data visibility and business insights that can lead to better decision making at all levels of the organisation.

Salesforce Implementation Company

Agile Custom Development with a focus on process efficiencies and Innovation

Girikonโ€™s Salesforce Implementation Service is Agile which allows to incorporate a set of simple custom enhancements. These enhancements could dramatically convert a standard implementation to something that can revolutionize the way your organization works with huge benefits to your users and ultimately your bottom line. Girikonโ€™s onshore/offshore Salesforce Consultants have the required level of experience in developing custom solutions on the platform and our expert implementation are trained to identify these type of innovative solutions.

Salesforce Implementation Partners

Legacy Data Migration to Salesforce

Choose Girikon as a Salesforce Implementation Partner and we will ensure your legacy data is migrated to you Salesforce Solution as we understand the need and sense of urgency about your data be it legacy or current. Based on this, we design specific solutions for cost-effective enterprise-grade migration within optimal time limits and carried out in an appropriate window to reduce business impact.

Our seasoned Salesforce Implementation Consultants have the right balance of knowledge and experience required to successfully tackle the most complex data migration challenges. Our Salesforce Data Migration Services include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization, validation and import into Salesforce.

Salesforce Implementation Companies

Requirements for Bolt-On Integrations

Girikonโ€™s onshore/offshore Salesforce Consultants have an in-depth expertise to identify solutions and incorporate bolt integrations to other cloud and traditional business critical systems including finance systems. Girikonโ€™s Salesforce Implementation Consultants are skilled at designing, developing custom adapters or configuring pre-built adapters.

Salesforce Consulting Partners

Salesforce Support, Training & Documentation

As a Salesforce Implementation Company Girikon pride itself on its people. Our consultants are certified, trained, have the require knowledge and well-equipped to provide critical ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement support services for the Salesforce Platform. Our knowledge of the Salesforce Platform sets us up to assist with your training and documentation related specific needs. Click here to learn more about our affordable and reliable Salesforce Support Services.

Why Choose Us as Your Salesforce Implementation Partner

Quality with On Time Delivery: Girikon is an ISO 9001 certified company, we are committed to a quality delivery outcome and strive for continuous improvement and providing superior services across our entire business.

We take pride in delivering on-time, every time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Experienced: Girikonโ€™s team comprises of 150+ dynamic, seasoned and qualified professionals who have a vast experience in Information Technology, experience with leading Technology Platforms and vast industry experience. We boast greater than 70 individual Salesforce Consultant Certifications, are proud of our Strong Customer Testimonials and have delivered over 400 quality projects on time and on budget.

Girikonโ€™s Salesforce Developers work onsite/onshore and/or offshore. Our customers and services are many and varied, from Fortune 500 companies implementing large E-Business programs to small-medium enterprises implementing sophisticated solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

Girikonโ€™s Salesforce Implementation Services experience of over 150,000 days in Salesforce Support, implementation, consulting, integration, migration, customization and development.

Blended Onshore/Offshore Model:Girikonโ€™s business model is designed to ensure a cost-effective quality outcome. Our onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are backed up by our Offshore Salesforce Development Team ensuring a quality solution and on time delivery. By switching between these two combinations of onshore and offshore teams Girikon ensures flexibility while meeting our customerโ€™s requirements.

We always maintain the highest level of quality with a significant cost reduction in comparison to our competitors using this model. 100% Onshore Salesforce Consultants can also be rewarding for our clients and therefore an option and ensure a successful project outcome.

Flexible: Girikon prides itself on the flexibility we provide to our clients once we become your trusted Salesforce Implementation Partner. You choose a models which is suitable to your needs. Salesforce Consulting Service model can last until the end of the engagement or can be customised at a future date. All our clients get all our attention, a great service with no overheads like our competitors.

Intellectual Property: You own the source code developed and Intellectual Property Rights of the development work we do for you under our agreement.


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