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Salesforce Integration Services

As Salesforce Integration Partners, Girikon understands with the rapid increase of cloud / mobile / social platforms customers are left hamstrung by siloed platforms because these platform have individual characters, functions etc. Siloed systems offer little or no visibility into an organisation’s business processes and require manual interventions to fill in transaction gaps.

Girikon Salesforce Integration Consultants with many years’ experience identify solutions to siloed system issues for their customers. These Salesforce Integration solutions always prove to be enabled high interoperability, intuitive in design and user-friendly. Our Salesforce Integration Services are cost-effective and can incorporate a solution across all applications including Microsoft, Oracle, Abode, SAP etc., data management and the organisation’s business processes.

Girikon’s view is that all applications be it internal and external need have a seamless integration. Only then, the software will provide a collaborative experience for all users, enable streamlined data flows and effective governance across all business processes.

Girikon’s onshore/offshore Salesforce Integration Consultants have the expertise to enable Salesforce integrations across systems and data that reside both on-premises and in the cloud.

Salesforce Integration Services using Middleware Technology

Girikon, a Salesforce Integration Company has extensive experience with Middleware technologies that eliminate a major chunk of the complexities and the pain of integration. The role of a middleware technology is critical where businesses require a connection with legacy systems, cloud and SaaS applications, and business management software such as SAP and Salesforce. Girikon’s Salesforce Consultants are Integration experts and provide solutions to get the right mix of integrations between each system that take into consideration accurate data formats and protocols.

Girikon’s offshore Salesforce Integration Consultants will work with you to automate your business processes and enable secure sharing of data across numerous applications by integrating disparate systems and services.

Salesforce Integration Services using Connectors

Use Girikon as a Salesforce Integration Partner and take advantage of the broad experience in creating custom connectors and adaptors on the platform and can also help design and develop custom data integration tools to meet your distinct business requirements.

Connector based integrations enable seamless and highly effective two-way user-encounters

Girikon can also assist with:

Master Data Management (MDM)

A Salesforce Integration Company, Girikon understands the large investments made into CRM software implementations and the importance of a positive ROI to our customers. Girikon’s view is that organizations need to move to a more integrated CRM approach where all the operational master data even products and services are assembled from the data silos, de-duplicated, cleansed, enriched and synchronized across domains.

This results in a ‘single version of the truth’ for the master data that proactively protects data quality enabling a 360-degree view. Girikon’s offshore Salesforce Consultants provide comprehensive master data Cleansing and Standardization services for enhanced ROI through consistency in customer experience, better decisions and reductions in risk.

Data Governance

Using Girikon as a Salesforce Integration Partner can assist with data governance initiatives to enable data quality and consistency.

Our Salesforce Integration Consultants will work with you to define, design and implement effective and sustainable data governance structures, strategies, practices, and policies. You can then validate business policies, highlight data issues, automatically monitor compliance of data and manage all data issues with the critical operational control from stakeholders across the organization.

Why Choose Us as Your Salesforce Integration Partner

Quality with On Time Delivery: Girikon is an ISO 9001 certified company, we are committed to a quality delivery outcome and strive for continuous improvement and providing superior services across our entire business.

We take pride in delivering on-time, every time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Experienced: Girikon’s team comprises of 150+ dynamic, seasoned and qualified professionals who have a vast experience in Information Technology, experience with leading Technology Platforms and vast industry experience. We boast greater than 70 individual Salesforce Consultant Certifications, are proud of our Strong Customer Testimonials and have delivered over 400 quality projects on time and on budget.

Girikon’s Salesforce Developers work onsite/onshore and/or offshore. Our customers and services are many and varied, from Fortune 500 companies implementing large E-Business programs to small-medium enterprises implementing sophisticated solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

Girikon’s Salesforce Integration Services experience of over 150,000 days in Salesforce Support, implementation, consulting, integration, migration, customization and development.

Blended Onshore/Offshore Model: Girikon’s business model is designed to ensure a cost-effective quality outcome. Our onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are backed up by our Offshore Salesforce Development Team ensuring a quality solution and on time delivery. By switching between these two combinations of onshore and offshore teams, Girikon ensures flexibility while meeting the customer’s requirements.

We always maintain the highest level of quality with a significant cost reduction in comparison to our competitors using this model. 100% Onshore Salesforce Consultants can also be rewarding for our clients and therefore an option and ensure a successful project outcome.

Flexible: Girikon prides itself on the flexibility we provide our clients once we become your trusted Salesforce Integration Partner. You choose a models which is suitable to your needs. Salesforce Consulting Service model can last until the end of the engagement or can be customised at a future date. All our clients get all our attention, a great service with no overheads like our competitors.

Intellectual Property: You own the source code developed and Intellectual Property Rights of the development work we do for you under our agreement.


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