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A robust app, offering Kanban layouts for Standard & Custom objects in both Classic & Lightning Modes! Highly configurable Kanban Boards with business-critical data items, Customizable graphical summary view, simple drag-and-drop interface and much more.

  •  Enables you to digest information stored in Salesforce in a whole new way, empowering teams to stay focused on the important business enhancing activities rather than background administrative/data related activities
  •  Optimize your business processes and improve collaboration between teams & team members by a whopping 70%!
  •  Very simple and intuitive to use. Brings your entire work day, virtually at your fingertips! Graphical summary representations reduce decision-making time by 60%

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  • Kanban visual layouts for all Standard & Custom objects
  • Available in both Classic & Lightning Modes
  • Highly configurable Kanban Boards with business critical data items display
  • Customizable graphical summary view
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Automated update of record status as you move items through the stages of the Kanban Board
  • Allows edit, delete & Cloning of records from the Kanban view
  • All List Views created for the object are available in the Kanban Board for filtering

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